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2022 State of Learning and Development Executive Summary

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Chief Learning Officer’s research division proudly presents the 2022 State of Learning and Development Executive Summary. This free summary offers a glimpse into the full report. 

The summary includes a brief look at the following:

  • L&D Outlook
  • Learning Investment
  • L&D Technologies
  • Social Learning Technologies
  • Learning Delivery
  • Leadership Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Measurement and Metrics

For more detail please refer to the full State of Learning & Development Analysis Report. In addition, to provide readers with a more detailed comparison of their performance, a 2022 State of Learning & Development – Benchmarks and Baselines report shows responses broken down by organization type (publicly held, privately held, nonprofit, government and academia). We encourage a review of that report for an organization’s development of more refined learning and development target numbers. 


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