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CLO Breakfast Club - June 9, 2021

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Resilience Through Crisis and Recovery

Many industries have been heavily battered by dampened demand, closures and layoffs this past year. How have those workforces weathered the storm — and what happens next? During this half-day virtual event, chief learning officers and practitioners from the hospitality and travel industries and energy sector will discuss how they have struggled to remain resilient — how they are keeping learning effective amid crisis, stress and anxiety; how reskilling and cross-skilling a smaller pool of workers to fill gaps has grown as a priority; what slashed budgets have meant for L&D programs; and the challenges learning leaders and the learners themselves face as closures are lifted and demand returns.

Panel 1: Keeping Learning Alive Amid Extreme Hardship

McKinsey research suggests that in the hospitality industry, recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023 — or later. Hotels, airlines and the tourism sector have been hit especially hard, struggling with mass layoffs, budget cuts and new training challenges related to sanitation efforts and personal safety. In this panel, learning practitioners from these industries will discuss the many challenges they have faced, including reskilling and cross-skilling a smaller pool of workers, how L&D budgets have been affected, training efforts related to new safety and health requirements, and what these workforces are doing to prepare themselves for the future.

Panel 2: Trials, Tribulations and Transformation in the Energy Sector

Energy demand has diminished with the great economic contraction resulting from COVID-19, and this has been accompanied by financial stress and disruptions to the power supply chain. Learning leader panelists will discuss what has changed in their companies’ learning and development efforts over the past 15 months, how they are keeping learning effective amid crisis and among a stressed and anxious workforce, and the short- and long-term implications they see for the future.

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